How Does Career-Focused Mentoring Work?

Any young person would agree that his or her life goal is to become a

successful adult.  But what does it take to successfully transition to adulthood?


    Mentor Advantage has developed a career-focused mentoring program, based on research, and in collaboration with educators and experienced professionals.  Skills have been identified as to what all youth need to transition to adulthood successfully.

    Using these programs and opportunities to ensure that our youth receive a positive career-focused mentoring experience, volunteer mentors will have all the necessary tools to be successful.

    Mentor Advantage will lead and provide learning opportunities, activities and sessions about leadership principles, positive life skills, attitudes, and trouble shooting.  The mentor/mentee will provide support and encourage civic involvement throughout Pennsylvania.

It is very important to us that we accurately screen, match, support and monitor

to ensure a successful one-on-one mentoring relationship.

We at Mentor Advantage strive for same sex mentors.