Where would you be without the people who believed in you, 
who steered and guided you, who opened doors of 
opportunity to help you get where you are today? 
        • Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Career Mentor? 
        • Can you volunteer at least two to four hours a month? 
        • Do you enjoy working with others, teaching, guiding? 
        • Have you been working in your chosen field for 5 to 10 years? 
Are you ready to open doors for our youth and do your
part to reclaim the American dream? 
Thank You! for your interest in becoming a career mentor! 
    Mentoring programs all over our nation, our economy and our youth depend to a
great extent on a caring and reliable volunteer mentor.  Without you and the gift
of your time, energy and skills, we would not exist to offer our services to our youth
and the Pennsylvania community we serve. 
    Please join us as we accept the challenge and commit to furthering Mentoring Advantage's,
goal of helping students build self-confidence, improve academic performance, develop
interpersonal skills, prepare for post secondary education and accrue the real-life skills
needed to obtain a good job and maintain a strong work ethic. 
What to Expect As A Mentor: 
    While we do not want to make too many additional demands on a mentor's time, we think
it's a good idea to provide several, training sessions throughout the school year. 
These will also function as support groups, where mentors may share successes and
help resolve problems. 
Topics Will Include: 
        • Values, Goal Setting and Organizational Skills
        • How to Provide Internship Opportunities Within Your Company
        • Paid vs. Non Paid Internship Opportunities
        • Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity
        • Communication, Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution Skills
        • Strategies for Dealing with Issues such as: 
          • Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect    
          • Alcohol and Other Drug Issues