Required Background

                            and Reference Check:


     Mentor Advantage, Inc. is dedicated to serving, protecting and providing positive life choices for our

youth.  To endure the utmost in safety, we require that all our Mentor, Volunteer, Employee, Intern,

Board Member and Contract Worker applicants complete a national, regional and statewide back-

ground check.


    This check is required by Pennsylvania law and national standard for anyone directly involved in the

care of children.  The following screening procedures are:


        • National Crime File
        • Statewide Criminal Database
        • National Sex Offender Registry
        • Motor Vehicle Check
        • Social Security Verification


    We are very greatly that all our applicants recognize that this is an important step we must require.


    We cannot pay for the checks for everyone and want you to know that we very much appreciate

you agreeing to absorb this cost as part of your commitment to Mentor Advantage and our youth.


    The decision to accept an applicant into the program will be based upon a final assessment done by

program staff at the completion of the screening procedure. No reason will be provided to applicants

rejected from participation in the program.


    All documentation of these screening processes will be maintained for each applicant and placed

 in a secure and confidential file up to seven years.