Mentor Advantage, Inc. is a high school and college based

non-profit organization that provides career

focused mentoring for our youth.


Vision and Target Population:

     How do you help students struggling to define their American dream?  It's no longer enough to say, "Yes You Can."  We need to show them how!

Our Mission

     Mentor Advantage is a high-school and post-secondary education based non-profit that provides career -focused mentor for our youth.  We match professionals, from a broad range of backgrounds and fields, with students to help them identify their strengths, explore interests, set goals, gain work experience, work through challenges, and plan for the future.


Our Vision

     It is our vision to make a difference in students' lives - to provide them with solid advice and workplace opportunities to learn, grow and start planning for the future.



Our Target

     Mentor Advantage reaches out to those who fall through the cracks. These students -- who often achieve good grades, have good attendance, behave well and make friends -- still struggle with important life choices.  While they may not show up on a busy guidance counselor's radar, or quality for the extra resources allocated to gifted and talented, special education or 'at risk' youth, they need support and direction, too.  We Can Help.



Who We Are

     We are a community of professionals, from a broad range of backgrounds and fields, volunteering our time and resources to empower the next generation to not only follow in our footsteps, but to forge new paths of their own.


     Working collaboratively with school districts, community organizations, and local work places, we make connections, open doors, and expertly guide students every step of the way.