... Is very easy as long as you allocate time and energy,

             be straight forward, honest and sincere when identifying

             goals and desired outcomes.


Students Are Expect To - Take an initiative and be committed to self development and achievement of your own career goals.  Once you are matched with a mentor in your chosen area of interest, be open to what the mentor can provide and follow through with commitments.


Mentors Are Expected To - Know the student mentee well and provide the right measure of challenge and support to promote growth -- this will involve providing teaching, guiding and opening doors of opportunity.


Our Philosophy Is Not To Dictate - But rather to problem solve and mediate all issues.  Mentors are career and education advisors to the mentee the family and a life learning coach for the students. Students are responsible to follow their interests, talents, passions, set their own career goals and apply it to the real world.


Parent/Family Engagement and Adult Support - Support from parents or guardian is key to the mentoring relationship. Parents and/or guardians play key roles in the success of the match. Drawing from their own life skills and experiences to help empower, inform and guide their own child is often essential in the success of the program.  This role is similar to that of any other activities in which their  child participates.



Thank You For Your Interest In The Mentor Advantage Program!